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Texas Multi-Store Laundry Owner Named Huebsch® Store Owner of the Quarter

November 5th, 2015




Texas Multi-Store Laundry Owner Named Huebsch® Store Owner of the Quarter
Advanced Technology and Demographic Insights
Lead to Better Customer Service


RIPON, Wisconsin (November 5, 2015)Huebsch® laundry equipment manufacturer and provider of unrivaled customer service through the industry’s leading distributor network, has named Scott AbrahamPhoto One the latest recipient of its Store Owner of the Quarter award for his two successful laundromats, Northside Coin Laundry and Saginaw Laundry Center, located in the greater Dallas, Texas area.

“In just five years, Scott has developed a deep understanding of the laundry business and the nuances it can bring,” said Kathryn Rowen, North American sales manager for Huebsch. “We are lucky to have been a part of the rapid growth of his business, becoming a multi-store owner in such a short span of time, and we are excited to work with Scott as he continues to renovate and expand his stores.”

After working for a telephone company for 24 years, Abraham was surprised when his position was suddenly terminated. While contemplating his next career move, he reflected on memories of repairing telephones at a laundromat, a business that had always intrigued him.

His fascination with the laundry industry led Abraham to open his first store, Northside Coin Laundry, in Fort Worth, Texas. He quickly learned the ins and outs of the business by shadowing the previous owner and becoming familiar with the industry. His hard work paid off and he saw much success in his first store – so much success that just two years later, Abraham purchased his second laundromat location, Saginaw Laundry Center, located in Saginaw, Texas.

While both are lucrative businesses, Abraham’s stores cater to Photo Twovery different types of customers. Northside Coin Laundry serves mostly regular returning customers, many of whom speak Spanish. Saginaw caters to customers who use the large-capacity machines for special loads like bedding and curtains.


Operating these two very distinct laundromats was made simple with the technology that his store’s equipment has provided. For example, at his Northside location, Abraham takes advantage of the multilingual instruction overlays on his machines, catering to Spanish-speaking customers. Additionally Galaxy™ Controls on his machines at the Saginaw location have allowed Abraham to monitor the store’s weekly performance and adjust machine pricing for large-capacity machines, which has increased revenue.

With the help of his distributor, Arthur Wechsler at Ed Brown Distributors,Photo Threeand regional sales manager, Joe Purbaugh, Abraham has learned that while the store demographics and buildings may be different, the science behind operating a successful laundromat is the same.

“Joe and Arthur have been very supportive as I started out in the laundry business,” Abraham says. “They knew how to analyze the demographics in my area, and I relied on them for advice in the purchasing and planning processes of my laundromats. From expanding to my second laundromat to the day-to-day operation, their support has been instrumental to the success of my business.”

Throughout his time in the laundry business, Abraham has learned to understand store demographics to better serve his customers and use technology to boost revenue in his stores, therefore mastering the operation of a laundromat. His commitment to his business and the success he has achieved in just a few years is remarkable, earning him the title of “Store Owner of the Quarter.”


Introduced in 2014, Store Owner of the Quarter recognizes Huebsch store owners who have excelled in entrepreneurism, technology adoption, innovation and superior customer and community service. Read Abraham’s story, and others, at

For more information on Huebsch and its distributors – a network that earned the highest Overall Distributor Quality Score in a 2014 Leede Research Customer Value Analysis – visit or call 1-800-553-5120.

(The overlays of the machines have the instructions listed in both Spanish and English- it is not any type of setting he uses in the controls)

Media contact: Sara Rude, 414.292.0244 or


About Huebsch:

Since 1907, Huebsch has manufactured durable commercial laundry equipment engineered for efficiency, reliability and optimal performance. Commercial laundry is our focus and we back our equipment with an industry-leading warranty. Our equipment is supported by a network of knowledgeable distributors and service professionals who provide unparalleled customer service and support. As the industry’s top-rated distributor network, our distributors form long-lasting relationships with our customers to meet their unique business needs and offer customized solutions throughout every step of their journey to help their business expand and thrive. Our customers further benefit from an extensive set of financing options provided by Huebsch Financial. Huebsch is part of the Alliance Laundry Systems LLC family of brands. Alliance is the leading global manufacturer of commercial laundry equipment and provider of services to laundromats, multi-housing laundries and on-premises laundries. To learn more about Huebsch, visit


Senor Bubbles Laundromats right at home with Wascomat

October 13th, 2015



For Immediate Release
Laundrylux Contact:  Dawn Nagle
VP Creative Services, Marketing Director
(800)645-2205 /


Senor Bubbles Laundromats right at home with Wascomat.

When multi-store owner, Steve Mendez, looks out over the well-appointed Wascomat laundry equipment in his latest Senor Bubbles Laundromat, located in Ocala, Florida, his first thought is “home.”

“The Wascomat brand has always reminded me of my home– the south side of Chicago,” shared Steve. “I might have been born and raised in the grocery store business, but I was so intrigued by my friend’s Laundromat,1_SenorBubblesfull which of course had all Wascomat equipment. I remember really liking the name ‘Wascomat’ and the look of the machines. It made a big impression on me.”

So much so that 30 years later when Steve opened his very first Laundromat, he knew he would purchase only Wascomat washers and dryers.

But before taking the plunge into the laundry business, Steve spent his time learning the family business. “My father opened his first grocery store in 1971 2_SenorBubblessoapsand he taught me everything he knew,” shared Steve. “He’s the kind of guy that would take matters into his own hands. If the floor was a mess, he’d get down on his hands and knees to clean it. Then it would be my turn.”

In 1996 after leaving Chicago for Clearwater, Florida, Steve opened his very own grocery/eatery, called Pepe’s Grocery and Mexican Restaurant. “The space was originally a beauty salon of all things,” said Steve. “Yet I had no problem envisioning it as something entirely different.”

Flanking Pepe’s was another unique storefront – an antique mall. When it came on the market in 2005, Steve had another vision and quickly purchased it. “The entire front of the building is glass,” said Steve. “I thought to myself this would make a great Laundromat. I imagined myself taking down the old green canopy and shining up the enormous window to reveal rows and rows of washers and a whole back wall of dryers.”

A year later, Steve’s fantasy became reality. However after 3_SenorBubblesview2the build and the installation of his brand new Wascomat equipment was completed, Steve suddenly got cold feet. “It was silly really,” he chuckled. “I knew so many people in the community because of Pepe’s, plus my only competitor in town was a rundown Laundromat. Yet, still, 4_SenorBubblesWascoDryersI was scared to open my doors.”

Finally Steve’s dad stepped in. “He said, ‘Give me the keys, I’ll open it.’ Six hours later I had my first customer. Two months later I had to hire staff.”



All it takes is one…  

What started as a Laundromat dream quickly grew into a full-blown Laundromat addiction. Over the next several years, Steve opened a total of four Laundromats located in Clearwater, Live Oak, Gainsville, and Ocala. His father’s tutelage was paying off. “Everything I learned from my dad about the grocery business holds true for the laundry business,” shared Steve. “’You’ll get out of it what you put into it’ that’s what my dad always said.”

In 2014, Steve set his sights on opening Laundromat number five, also located in Ocala, by purchasing a 6,500-square-foot space. He turned to his longtime distributor, Marlon Reese, of Alabama Laundry Systems LLC, to help him once again on his latest build. “I first met Marlon in 2005, as part of my due diligence on the laundry business,” recalled Steve. “I was looking for my Wascomat equipment, and Marlon was the local Wascomat
representative. He came to my restaurant; we sat and talked. I really liked what he had to say and decided he would make a great partner. That’s how we began working together.”

Over the years, Marlon’s honesty and expertise has proven invaluable to Steve. “He’s patient, knowledgeable, and always reachable,” said Steve. “I can call him on a Sunday and can get him on the phone. It’s so important to be able to get answers, especially if there’s any troubleshooting needed. He’s always there for me.”

Wascomat Generation 7 – a tradition of excellence

The latest Senor Bubbles is Steve and Marlon’s biggest build to date, with 68 washers and 68 dryers – all Wascomat. As a teenager, Steve might have been smitten by the equipment’s cool-sounding moniker 6_SenorBubblesWassomatWashersand sleek look. However as a laundry owner, Steve is head over heels with Wascomat’s efficiency and durability.

“I have found that Wascomats truly are built to last and take the abuse of a coin laundry,” explained Steve. “Both washers and dryers have heavy-duty construction. And if there is a problem, they are easy to service.”

The Gen 7 washing machines are designed to lower water and energy usage. “The laundry environment is a very demanding one,” said Steve. “But thankfully year after year my Wascomat washers perform, giving my customers a superior wash experience – and saving me money on my utility bills.”

Senor Bubbles patrons are gravitating to the Quick Wash feature, according to Steve. “That’s where the wash cycle is cut in half; only 15 minutes instead of 30. It’s less money too – $1.75 vs. $2.50. And it’s proving to be a big hit with my customers.”

Not to be outdone, the sturdy Gen 7 Wascomat Dryers greatly improved dryer time and reduced energy consumption by 25 percent. “The dryers get so hot and clothes dry incredibly quick,” shared Steve. “My customers really appreciate saving money and time. I can’t tell you how many have shared their old-dryer horror stories; how other machines would ‘eat up all their quarters’ just to get their clothes dry.”

Big, bright, and clean

The massive laundry boasts a play area for the kids with games, flat-screen televisions, and ample seating. It also has all the latest technology features, including no less than 32 security cameras. The laundry’s high ceilings give the space a bright, open feel.

Like its predecessors, the newest Senor Bubbles, has a design element 7_SteveMendezSenor Bubblesof cascading bubbles down its walls. It even has a little store that sells soap, fabric softener, snacks, and drinks, which makes perfect sense given Steve’s grocery background. The fully attended laundry offers wash-and-fold services and, above all else, is spotless. “I’m a neat freak,” said Steve, “I like my ducks in order. But seriously customers want their Laundromats to be clean, well-lit, and safe. After these three conditions are met, then they look at prices believe it or not. ”

Grand Opening Day

The new Senor Bubbles opened its doors on April 2, 2015 to much excitement and fanfare. “The Chamber of Commerce was there as well as some banks,” shared Steve. “There was also a wonderful turnout of potential new customers. The Ocala Township has a great mix of ‘snow birds’ as well as a large rental community.”

In addition to offering wash and dry specials, Steve offered up something truly unique – the chance to win a brand new bicycle. “Every time I open a new laundry I raffle off a new bike,” he exclaimed. “The customers love it and so do I. I’ll raffle off a bike each month for the whole year. I just announced the March winner in my other Ocala laundry. It’s always a fun thing to do and very gratifying.”

Steve relies on conventional marketing techniques as well, such as placing ads in the Ocala Coupon, a local paper; papering apartment complexes within in a three-to-four-mile radius with flyers, and word of mouth. “A recommendation from a customer is truly the best advertisement of all,” said Steve.

Looking ahead

Now that his most recent store has taking off, Steve is already scouting locations for the next Senor Bubbles Laundromat. “I have to keep moving,” joked Steve, “it’s in my blood.” And as8_Senor Bubbles grand opening you might imagine, being a hands-on store owner of multiple stores, in multiple cities, Steve is constantly on the road. So how does he successfully manage his businesses and grow his empire? It’s a combination of high tech and human touch.

“Today’s technology is incredible,” explained Steve. “Thanks to all the security cameras, at the click of an app, I have eyes everywhere. The Wascomat equipment is amazing.”

Of course technology is wonderful, but only goes so far without a team of trusted people. “I certainly wouldn’t be able to maintain or grow the business without the support of my staff at each Senor Bubbles,” said Steve. “I’m forever grateful to them as well as Alabama Laundry Systems distributor, Marlon Reese, who reconnected me with the Wascomat brand, and is always there if I need his guidance.”

But most of all Steve would like to thank his dad for modeling a strong work ethic and having nerves of steel. “I can’t thank him enough for all he has done for me,” shared Steve, “especially opening the doors to my very first store when I couldn’t do it myself.”

Dawn Nagle
Vice President, Creative Services


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Speed Queen® Announces Winner of “My Success Story” Essay Contest

September 23rd, 2015




Speed Queen® Announces Winner of “My Success Story” Essay Contest
New Jersey couple receives $100,000 grand prize


RIPON, Wisconsin – (September 23, 2015)Speed Queen®, a leading provider of commercial laundry equipment, has named Emmanuel and Tyesha Offiong, owners of A&Q Laundry Room in South River, New Jersey, the winners of the 2nd annual “My Success Story” essay contest. Representatives from the commercial laundry manufacturer surprised the OffiongsCoinwash_com-001-PHOTO ONE with the $100,000 grand prize Tuesday.

“Tyesha Offiong, wife and mother of two, and her husband Emmanuel have remained committed to the needs of their community, and recognized the benefit of investing in their laundromat, and therefore their business has thrived.” says Jeff Harvey, brand manager, Speed Queen Financial Services (SQFS). “We are honored to join them on their journey and we are pleased to recognize their accomplishments.”

Jeff Harvey joined by Dick Luca, regional vice president at Super Laundry, the Offiong’s equipment distributor, Andrea Mueller, Speed Queen Commercial brand manager, and John Smith, Speed Queen Commercial regional sales manager gathered at the A&Q Laundry Room in New Jersey to surprise the family with the grand prize.

The Offiongs were named the winners of the contest because of their
laundromat’s creative promotions and workshops, use of advanced technologies in managing their business, and dedication to the betterment of their community. For their winning essay, Speed Queen has contributed $100,000 to apply towards their recent loan for new equipment provided through SQFS.

“We could not believe that we had been selected as the winners of the Speed Queen essay contest. We have been so fortunate to own a laundromat in a great community and to have formed such a strong relationship with our manufacturer and distributor,” said Emmanuel. “At A&Q Laundry Room, we strive to be a neighborhood laundry room rather than a commercial laundromat,” adds Tyesha.

Leaving behind her corporate job to spend more time with family, PHOTO TWOTyesha decided she and her husband would invest in the laundry industry. The Offiongs soon became the owners of a run-down unattended laundromat with great potential. Their vision came to life after renovating the store and equipping it with brand new Speed Queen machines. The Offiongs chose to invest in a laundromat because of the flexibility it affords them, and have seen great success since opening.

Dan Bowe, North American sales manager, Speed Queen Commercial, says, “Stories like the Offiongs give testament to the return on investment and increased profitability laundry owners can achieve when they renovate their stores with new state-of-the-art equipment. We are proud to be a part of the Offiongs success.”

This is the second year Speed Queen has held its “My Success Story” contest. Between March 1 and June 15, 2015, Speed Queen store owners submitted essays of 500 words or less describing their unique and creative methods of retaining and attracting new customers. Eligible entrants were required to have financed at least $2,500 in new Speed Queen laundry equipment through SQFS during this time.

More than 60 essays were submitted from across the nation and judged based on the most compelling story relative to theme, creativity and clarity of expression. All eligible entrants will receive a $100 gift card to be redeemed at an authorized Speed Queen distributor.
For more information regarding Speed Queen call 1.800.590.8872 or visit


Media contact: Sara Rude, 414.224.0210 or



More about Speed Queen:


Speed Queen offers laundry managers a full-line of reliable and durable commercial laundry equipment. As an industry leader, Speed Queen is dedicated to providing its market expertise to help increase efficiencies in on-premises laundries. The company offers Speed Queen Financial Services, which provides a continuum of stable, long-term capital solutions specifically for the laundry industry. The brand is an entity of Ripon, Wis.-based Alliance Laundry Systems LLC, a leading global manufacturer of commercial laundry products and provider of services for laundromats, multi-housing laundries and on-premises laundries. To learn more, visit



Tell them sent you...

Tell them sent you...

Tell them sent you...

Tell them sent you...

Tell them sent you...

Tell them sent you...

Tell them sent you...

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