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Tell them sent you...

Archive for the 'Kitty’s Corner' Category

Perception Marketing.

Saturday, May 5th, 2007

Perception Marketing.

There are marketing associations promoting a one sided information group to recruit the “more money than brains” majority of this Nation’s dumbest, year by year.

Many marketing campaigns have targeted consumers who will never realize they are being manipulated by “trust us we’re experts” who create an illusion; to promote an industry and sell products.

The best marketing campaigns/PR happens with people unaware they are being manipulated. Unsuccessful marketing campaigns/PR happens when people are aware they are being manipulated. Many consumers are utilizing the Internet as an instant resource for researching manufacturers and their distribution of products and services as well as their selling team. This puts many consumers in the driver’s seat and many companies in the hot seat.

Although many consumers have been led to perceive exactly what marketing campaigns have set to accomplish, many consumers today are educating themselves via the Internet to avoid being manipulated.
Websites geared to specific professions such as should be appreciated and promoted. Alternatives such as these are needed for consumers to research and further educate, this way everything keeps balanced and not one sided to sway the perception of the consumers in any industry. Marketing to consumers in concentration of a perception based marketing plan has been widely used within many industries years ago, but that was then, and this is now.

While creating public perception with marketing has worked throughout the 40’s selling cigarettes as beneficial to the health as one example
through today. We know the aftermath of this type of campaign today. This type of marketing is backfiring as insulting the intelligence of many of today’s consumer. Time has come where consumers do not need their minds molded and they do not need their tastes formed.

Consumers see the players with money who are paying for their images. Consumers need only what they need, although, perception is a great way to change the consumers thinking, that was yesterday. Marketing companies better utilize plans that do not manipulate as the Internet is so widely used and companies are easily researched.

Today’s consumers have the ability to access instant information via the Internet in the comfort of their home instantly 24/7 and educate
themselves with product knowledge or company services. Relationship building between the consumer/salesman/company must be excellent today as there are many choices in the market place.

Trusting in a product, service and the company itself has a great deal of decision time for the consumer and has bearing on consumer
spending, sometimes more so than price does.

Kitty Watkins

“When I first ventured to this site”

Wednesday, April 25th, 2007
When I first ventured to this site, I was searching google just for fun. I found the old coinwash site, with the James Taylor song.(I for one, love kittyJames)
This site was mostly an all boys site, and as shy as I am, I jumped in. I drank up the information like a cold drink! Even though I spent many years managing multi mats, I learned the most from this site and its members. The generosity of the members responses I learned the ins and outs, the necessities and the new and improved ways of doing business in todays market.
 After I left my post I learned a valuable lesson on how to assess a market. I continue to see posts with questions on how to configure their potential site or store, and I cannot stress to everyone the education that lies within this site and the fact it is available for the taking. Please share with us, what brings you to the site and how you have benefited from the board.
Jonathan built this site for the  exchanging of information and to gather as much knowledge  as possible, so you can form your own opinions, depending on your particular situations.
 I think it is great that so many people are willing to share information, basically for free.

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Tell them sent you...

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Tell them sent you...

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Tell them sent you...

Tell them sent you...

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