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Martin-Ray Wins Speed Queen Distributor of Year

Tuesday, June 27th, 2017



Martin-Ray Wins Speed Queen Distributor of Year
Business reinvestment, staff additions drive sales growth

Speed Queen laundry equipment manufacturer awarded its highest distributor honor – 2016 Distributor of the Year – to Martin-Ray Laundry Systems in a ceremony held June 5 at Top Golf in Las Vegas during the 2017 Clean Show.

Denver-based Martin-Ray has produced significant and steady growth since 2011 in the vended laundry segment of its business. In 2016 alone, the company increased vended laundry sales 155 percent compared to 2015.

“(Co-owners) Jim Hohnstein and Bill Mann are constantly dissecting their company to see what is needed to grow their market share,” said Jim Rosenthal, North American sales manager for Speed Queen. “Martin-Ray is a shining example of how reinvesting in your business and building a knowledgeable team pays dividends.”

Rosenthal added that Martin-Ray has reconfigured its warehouse with new racking, relocated the New Mexico facility, and upgraded its showroom, which is set up to look like a real laundromat, complete with signage, furniture, laundry carts, detergent vending machines and change machines.

With locations in Denver, Colo. and Albuquerque, NM, Martin-Ray has been providing laundry equipment sales and service throughout Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming, west Texas and western Nebraska since 1988.

“Bill, myself  and the whole Martin-Ray team are so proud to win this honor,” Hohnstein said, adding that “each of us believes fully that the Speed Queen products we sell to the vended laundry industry truly are the best on the market. Bar none.”

Mann echoed Hohnstein’s comments saying, “2016 was a monumental year for our Speed Queen sales, and a reflection of investments made, quality of the products, and the dedication of the Martin-Ray staff.”



About Martin-Ray:

Martin-Ray Laundry Systems is headquartered in Denver, Colo. and maintains a branch office in Albuquerque, NM. They pride themselves on providing high quality commercial laundry solutions for the vended, multi-housing and on-premises laundry markets. Martin-Ray’s service area includes Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming, west Texas, and western Nebraska.  In addition, they have an extensive parts department and a full staff of factory-trained service personnel. To learn more, visit or call 800-279-6622.
 About Speed Queen:
Speed Queen provides coin laundry owners with a variety of innovative and reliable commercial washers, dryers and laundromat equipment. As an industry leader, Speed Queen is dedicated to providing its market expertise to help grow the self-serve laundry industry. To accomplish this, the company offers Speed Queen Financial Services, which provides a continuum of stable, long-term capital solutions specifically for the laundry industry. The brand is an entity of Ripon, Wis.-based Alliance Laundry Systems LLC, a leading global manufacturer of commercial laundry products and provider of services for laundromats, multi-housing laundries and on-premises laundries. To learn more, visit

Speed Queen® Laundry Manufacturer Announces Winner of the Art of the Journey Contest

Tuesday, March 21st, 2017



Speed Queen® Laundry Manufacturer Announces Winner of the Art of the Journey Contest

 Florida laundromat owners receive $100,000 grand prize


RIPON, Wis. – (March 21, 2017)Speed Queen® laundry manufacturer, a leading provider of commercial laundry equipment, has named multi-store owners Bob and Donna Wallner the winners of the Speed Queen Art of the Journey contest. Representatives from the commercial laundry manufacturer and the Wallners’ equipment distributor, Statewide Laundry Equipment, surprised the brother and sister business partners with the $100,000 grand prize.


“Bob and Donna Wallner have been in the industry for many years and understand the importance of reinvesting in their business,” said Jeff Harvey, brand manager, Speed Queen Financial Services (SQFS). “Over the years, as they SQ_Contest_Winner_AOTJ2-1have expanded their business to multiple stores, the Wallners have seen the benefits purchasing new equipment provides their laundromats, including attracting new customers, increasing profitability and decreasing utility expenses. Bob and Donna have partnered with Speed Queen Financial Services for more than a decade and we are thrilled to reward them for their hard work and dedication to their business by presenting them with the Art of the Journey contest grand prize.”


Harvey was joined by Brittany Pettineo, Rusty Parks and Jim Rogers of Statewide Laundry Equipment and Jim Rosenthal, Speed Queen Commercial North American sales manager at Crystal Clean Coin Laundry in Orlando, Fla. to surprise Bob and Donna with the $100,000 check.


“We are so excited that we’ve been selected as the winners of the Speed Queen Art of the Journey contest,” said Donna, who created the winning artwork, a collage of the Wallners’ first store made entirely of dryer lint. “This portrait represents the beginning of our journey in the laundry business, one which we continue to travel with our partners from Statewide and Speed Queen laundry manufacturer.”

“Installing new, efficient equipment that provides our customers with more options to customize their laundry cycles has helped make our stores successful,” continued Bob. “Speed Queen Financial SQ_Contest_Winner_AOTJ3-002Services has made it possible to continue to replace equipment and improve our stores in an easy and manageable way.”

“The Wallners are passionate about growing their business, serving their customers and community and championing the laundry industry,” concluded Rosenthal. “There is no one more deserving of this recognition.”

This is the third annual contest Speed Queen laundry manufacturer has held that rewards a store owner for exceptional customer service and for reinvesting in their business. Laundromat owners who reinvested in their store with at least $2,500 of new, state-of-the-art Speed Queen equipment financed through SQFS were eligible to enter the 2016 Speed Queen Art of the Journey contest by uploading an original piece of art – photo collage/montage, video, poem, drawing or painting – that showcased their unique journey into the industry.

For more information regarding Speed Queen laundry manufacturer, call 1.800.590.8872 or visit


Media contact: Randy Radtke, 920-748-4309,


More about Speed Queen:

Speed Queen offers laundry managers a full-line of reliable and durable commercial laundry equipment. As an industry leader, Speed Queen is dedicated to providing its market expertise to help increase efficiencies in on-premises laundries. The company offers Speed Queen Financial Services, which provides a continuum of stable, long-term capital solutions specifically for the laundry industry. The brand is an entity of Ripon, Wis.-based Alliance Laundry Systems LLC, a leading global manufacturer of commercial laundry products and provider of services for laundromats, multi-housing laundries and on-premises laundries. To learn more, visit


More about Statewide Laundry Equipment:

Statewide Laundry Equipment, with locations in Miami, Orlando, Tampa, and Jacksonville has been serving the state of Florida, Southern Georgia, the Caribbean, South America, Central America and other export markets for more than 35 years. Statewide specializes in the development, construction and refurbishment of new and existing coin/card laundries, on-premise laundry applications and multiple housing laundry solutions.

To learn more, visit

PWS – The Laundry Company Opens 3,000th Laundromat

Wednesday, January 4th, 2017



PWS – The Laundry Company Opens 3,000th Laundromat

State-of-the-Art Laundromat Marks Milestone for Largest Distributor in North America


South Gate, CA – (Jan 4, 2017) – PWS – The Laundry Company (PWS Inc.), the nation’s premier distributor and broker to the commercial laundry industry, announced the opening of its 3,000th laundromat, thereby solidifying its status as the most prolific developer of new laundromats in the country. The SpinCycle Laundry Lounge, an ultra-modern store located at the company’s headquarters in South Gate, CA, is the product of 48 years and three generations of commercial laundry expertise and features the industry’s latest equipment technologies, along with upscale furnishings and amenities.

The intent behind the new store is twofold: first and foremost, to provide a superior laundry experience to members of the South Gate community and, secondarily, to gather data to allow PWS to enhance the user experience for existing and future laundromats. In furtherance of the first goal, the new laundromat, located next to PWS’sspeed_queen-spincycle-laundry-lounge_2 newly renovated headquarters, was painstakingly constructed to enhance the customer experience. Specifically, the interior, which more closely resembles a coffee shop than a traditional laundry, includes couches, large TVs, countertop space for laptop usage, 25 feet high exposed wood ceilings and free wi-fi. While it may have the feel of a local coffee shop, the high quality of the equipment cannot be overstated. The 3,400 square foot store is equipped with the latest Speed Queen washers and tumble dryers, the world’s premier commercial laundry equipment, and includes over 1,400 pounds of wash capacity. The sophisticated machine controls feature the best technology in the industry with large graphical displays and options to modify and customize wash cycles based on personal preferences.

In furtherance of the second goal, PWS has taken a number of measures to ensure that this laundry is a learning platform for the company. To this end, the laundry is equipped with smart technology which gathers market intelligence. This technology will provide PWS with invaluable data which will be utilized to best serve the nation’s laundry customers. Additionally, the store is equipped with two-way mirrors so PWS can observe customers use of the space and interactions with equipment and store staff. These observations will be used to develop tools to help laundromat owners improve their customers’ experiences, incorporate new revenue streams, and train and manage store employees. Lastly, all employees of PWS’s South Gate office will spend time working in the laundromat and interacting with laundry customers. PWS believes that the best way for a business to differentiate itself is through providing an exceptional customer experience, which starts with a deep comprehension of customer behaviors and expectations.

“Today’s laundry customer is much more selective than in years past,” said Brad Steinberg, Co-President of PWS. “It is a competitive retail environment and the stores that will flourish are the ones that provide the best experience for the customer. Being able to observe consumers in the laundromat and gauge their response to new services and amenities will help us provide our PWS customers, who own and operate coin laundries, market insights that will help them be more successful.”

“We appreciate the investment PWS is making in our community,” said South Gate Mayor W.H. (Bill) De Witt. “Since deciding to relocate its headquarters here, PWS has demonstrated a real commitment to the City of South Gate by completely renovating a city block, commissioning a piece of public art, contributing funds to our local library and now providing our residents with this remarkable, modern laundry.” The art Mayor De Witt mentions is a 55-foot mural titled Azalea Pride by artist Don Lampkin, which highlights the unique and storied history of the city of South Gate.

PWS was established in 1968 by three of the most influential entrepreneurs in the coin laundry industry: Morton Pollack, the pioneer of coin laundry resale; John Wickham, the exclusive distributor of Speed Queen commercial laundry equipment in Southern California and Southern Nevada; and Bernie Steinberg – the originator of Launderland “turn-key” coin laundries. In the decades since then, under the current leadership of Brad Pollack and Brad Steinberg, PWS has grown to become the largest distributor of commercial laundry equipment and parts and the largest broker of existing laundromats in the United States. And, at 3,000 and counting, PWS is assuredly the most successful developer of new laundromats in North America. PWS is also the exclusive California and Nevada Speed Queen distributor. PWS and Speed Queen, two iconic American brands in the laundry industry, have been partners for more than 48 years and together have had a significant impact on the laundry industry.


For more information visit

 Media contact: Brad Steinberg, or 323-490-1879


About PWS:

Founded in 1968, PWS is the largest distributor of commercial laundry equipment and commercial laundry replacement parts in the United States. Additionally, PWS is the nation’s premier developer of new laundromats and broker of existing laundromats. With offices in South Gate, Redwood City, San Diego and representation in Nevada, PWS exclusively sells Speed Queen washers and dryers and parts from all major manufacturers through their industry leading






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