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Tell them sent you...

Archive for March, 2009

Computer & Relay Board Repairs

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009


Computer & Relay Board Repairs             


  Advance Technology





Advance Technology
 1832 Lantern Rd.
 York, SC. 29745 
 Phone: 803-684-2584
 Cell: 774-644-7677


Repairs on: All ADC Computer boards Phase 3,4,5,6 Coin or OPL.

                   ADC Relay and Hi-Lo Boards

                   Maytag Computrac Computer Boards.


All Computer boards $100.00 each Includes shipping back.

All Relay and Hi-Lo boards $85.00 each Includes shipping back.

Repairs done the same day as they are received!


Send in the core(s) and the repaired board(s) will be sent back to you in two days

(Priority Mail).

90 Day Warranty!!

Please include check inside when sending in boards.


 Call me anytime always available!  

 Mark Malky/ Advance Technology


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