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Archive for April, 2009

Hamilton Trio receives “Green” emissions certifications for 2013 standards

Thursday, April 30th, 2009






For immediate release:

Livonia, MI

Hamilton Trio receives “Green” emissions certifications for 2013 standards

Hamilton Engineering, manufacturer of the EVO Trio product line, has just completed its efficiency and emissions testing certifications related to the upcoming standards changes for 2013 (and beyond) in the State of California. The tests revolved around the NOx, CO2 and CO emissions and the EVO product line passed with flying colors!

California’s standards generally become the benchmark for all other states, setting the standards to which fuel-fired products must perform.

The EVO Trio product line has an available BTU firing rate capacity from 200,000 BTU – 8,000,000 BTU and operates at thermal efficiencies up to 99.8% and combustion efficiencies up to 98.2%.  The EVO is available as a direct water heater or a closed-loop heating boiler.

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