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The Laundromat Success Program™ helps you create a detailed plan to completely protect all aspects of your laundromat business.

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Archive for November, 2009

Laundromat Success Program™ Available In The Tri-State Area and Growing Fast

Saturday, November 21st, 2009






Laundromat Success Program™ Available In The Tri-State Area and Growing Fast
Revolutionary New Product Relieves Laundromat Owners  Stress, Keeps their Business Investment Safe

  Westbury, NY, January 26, 2009: The Laundromat Success Program™ powered by Brooks-Waterburn Insurance, introduced to change the conversation about protecting and insuring your laundromat, started a lot of conversations this week. The company’s announcement of the product, which is presently available in 20 states, is making news across the country.

  The Laundromat Success Program is the premier insurance product for Laundromat owners. It is a unique Property and Liability package that has never been offered before. It combines comprehensive coverage for Laundromat owners at an unprecedented low price.

  “The Laundromat Success Program™” has people talking. It has been featured on and endorsed by; the internet’s largest and fastest growing web based community of Laundromat professionals.

  “We’re very excited about the response The Laundromat Success Program™ has received so far,” said Larry Trapani, of Brooks-Waterburn. “Best of all, The Laundromat Success Program™ has stirred conversation online, on the street and elsewhere. People aren’t just listening to our story. They’re thinking about it and responding. We’re saving people money and providing essential service they require for operating a successful Laundromat business, and that feels good.”

Contact the folks at the Laundromat Success Program™ today to make sure your laundromat is safe. It will help you sleep better tonight.