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Archive for April, 2010

AC Power experiences huge success at Electrolux Pronto Road Show!

Monday, April 19th, 2010


For immediate release 

 AC Power experiences huge success at Electrolux Pronto Road Show! 

 April 19, 2010 – Inwood, New York – Duane Dolitsky, Bermil Industries Regional Business Manager, and George Gibbs, President of AC Power Company, presented the brand new Electrolux Professional Laundry equipment lineup including Pronto – the incredible all-in-one Wash-&-Dry in Trevose, Pennsylvania on March 31, 2010. The entire AC Power crew was in attendance to support the event including Matt, Sue, and Amanda Gibbs, and Mao Khai Van (Sales), Howard Labs (Service Manager), Bruce Pierce (Parts Manager), Tony Jankausky (Service), Bill Pritz (delivery and installation), and Margaret Ettinger (Service Coordinator). 

 Bermil and AC Power registered more than 150 store owners and investors for the show. The results speak for themselves: within a few days after the show AC Power is up to  $650,000 in business written, and counting. 

 “We could not be happier with the event and the support we received from Bermil,” shares George Gibbs. “The Electrolux Professional Laundry brand created quite a buzz in the market. Our customers could not wait to see the new equipment and technology, especially Pronto, the combo washer/dryer. It proved to be a very successful event and well worth the effort! My entire team is very excited to have the opportunity to sell Electrolux. It’s a world-leading brand of equipment that we believe in, so it’s a real pleasure to introduce it to our customers along with the respected Wascomat products.”

 Neal Milch, CEO of Bermil Industries which distributes Wascomat® and Electrolux® Professional Laundry brands in North America through authorized dealers, is thrilled with the show results and new product line. “We congratulate George Gibbs and his staff on a job well done — the show was a terrific success. To be able to introduce a brand to the market that has such instant consumer recognition and success is so exciting for all of us,” shares Neal. “Electrolux Professional offers products and technology that no other manufacturer comes close to. At these events which we’re having all around the country, customers see real data showing how much money they’ll save on gas with EcoPower; how they can increase customer loyalty with text messaging; how they can increase their profits with high-speed extraction and super-efficient washers and dryers; and how they can attract many new customers to their store with Pronto, the all-in-one Washer-&-Dryer. These are all incredible Electrolux machines that really differentiate a store from the competition.”

 Register today for an Electrolux/Pronto Event – coming to a city near you:

 April 14 – Toronto, Ontario

April 20 – Boston, MA

April 22 – Manchester, NH

April 22 – Sacramento, CA

April 26 – San Francisco, CA

April 27 – Atlanta, GA

April 28 – San Jose, CA

April 29 – Birmingham, AL

May 3 – Los Angeles, CA

May 4 – Raleigh, NC

May 5 – Los Angeles, CA

May 5 – Hartford, CT

May 6 – Charleston, SC

May 7 – San Diego, CA

May 11 – Greenville, SC

May 12 – Houston, TX

May 12 – Charlotte, NC

May 18 – Dallas, TX

May 20 – Arlington, TX

May 26 – Chicago, IL

June 1 – Pittsburgh, PA

June 8 – St. Louis, MO

June 9 – Minneapolis, MN

June 10 – Minneapolis, MN

June 10 – Kansas City, MO

June 15 – Riviera Beach, FL

June 15 – Buffalo, NY

June 17 – Miami, FL

June 22 – Jacksonville, FL

June 24 – Orlando, FL

 And more! For more information, call (866)971-1010 or visit Bermil’s new website at


Dawn Nagle
Marketing Director
Bermil Industries Corp.
461 Doughty Blvd.
Inwood, NY 11096
tel: (516)371-4400 x123
fax: (516)371-4204
Distributors of Wascomat® & Electrolux®
Professional Laundry equipment

We are an insurance agency that works exclusively with laundromat owners.
Tell them sent you...

Tell them sent you...

Tell them sent you...

Tell them sent you...

Tell them sent you...

Tell them sent you...

Tell them sent you...

We are an insurance agency that works exclusively with laundromat owners.

Tell them sent you...