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Archive for July, 2010

Hamilton Engineering awarded U.S. Patent for Companion Water Heater CWIS™ design

Tuesday, July 27th, 2010

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For immediate release:

Livonia, MI

Hamilton Engineering awarded U.S. Patent for Companion Water Heater CWIS™ design

Hamilton Engineering was recently awarded U.S. Patent 7, 735, 458 B2 for their Cold Water Injection System (CWIS™) contained within their Companion™ Water Heater and optional on all of their hot water storage tanks.

The CWIS™ insures the highest efficiency possible in the water heating system by ensuring all of the coldest water enters the heater first, while eliminating any flow restriction or pressure drop on the hot water being supplied to the laundry so common with other instantaneous or on demand water heaters.

The Hamilton Companion™ water heater  is a self contained, high efficiency condensing hot water system that incorporates a space saving design, stainless steel or glass lined storage tank, with the integral Cold Water Injection System (CWIS™) assembly. The CWIS™ affords the EVO water heater the ability to operate at, or very near, it’s 99.8% rated efficiency under all operating conditions, by keeping the coldest water possible entering the heat exchanger. Savings over conventional tank type water heaters are substantial, and the life expectancy as much as three times greater.

Models are available currently from 136,000 BTU to 630,000 BTU and 80 to 160 gallons of storage capacity.

For more information, call Hamilton Engineering at 800.968.5530 or email