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Archive for November, 2010

American Dryer Corporation Introduces Clean View MediaTM

Monday, November 15th, 2010






Contact:       Martha Paradis
American Dryer Corporation
Marketing Manager
Tel: 508.678.9000

 American Dryer Corporation Introduces
Clean View MediaTM (CVM)
An innovative feature designed to turn
a dryer into an advertising opportunity.

Fall River, Massachusetts – November 15, 2010 — ­American Dryer

Corporation (ADC) has developed a new feature for dryers that will allowlaundromat owners to generate additional revenue through advertising.

Clean View MediaTM (CVM)* transforms the EcoDry ES series dryer into a video billboard by placing a fully wi-fi enabled screen between the dual – pained door glass of their ES series dryers. The efficient ES series dryer will save money and the Clean View Media screens will make money through digital advertising. What could be better than that!

Digital advertising is a growing medium in a time when traditional media outlets are struggling. In fact, digital “out-of-home” advertising has grown at a rate of nearly 25% in 2010 — faster than any other media outlet. Clean View Media will allow Laundromat owners benefit from this growth. The dryers offers the perfect media outlet and a laundromat provides a captive audience, an excellent combination for advertisers who are seeking creative ways to reach consumers.

Stephen Ventola, Owner and Manager of Laundri Centre in Rockland, Massachusetts recently purchased 15 ES stacked dryers with Clean View Media for his business. Ventola said, “The decision to purchase ADC EcoDry dryers with Clean View Media was an easy one. Local business owners are coming to me to secure ad space in the media display. It practically sells itself.”

The promise of Clean View Media for Laundromat owners is exciting and the opportunities are endless. Contact American Dryer Corporation  call 508-678-9000 or visit  to learn how you can get Clean View Media to work for you.

* Patent Pending #61/377744

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