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Archive for June, 2012

Working with Eastern Funding

Wednesday, June 20th, 2012

About Us;

“I believe in looking beyond standard credit criteria to learning the story behind each customer’s opportunity.” This philosophy is present in every package Eastern provides, because our goal is “to find a way to say ‘Yes’.”

Mike Fanger,
President of Eastern Funding


Who we are…

Eastern Funding is more than a financing company for your business; consider us your financial partner. At Eastern, we believe in a collaborative process. We listen and understand each client’s story and business financing goals so that we can offer the best lending solution for your small business, startup, or franchise, whether it is loans or leases.

What we do…

The Eastern Funding Management Team has secured and overseen loans totaling over half a billion dollars. Our team has a collective 65 year knowledge base of the commercial finance industry, specifically in the coin operated laundry, food store and dry cleaning sectors. What does this mean for you? Your business financing is in the best hands and we are invested in your company’s future and growth.