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Archive for February, 2013

Huebsch Introduces HCN100 Front Load Washer-Extractor

Wednesday, February 20th, 2013

Huebsch Introduces HCN100 Front Load Washer-Extractor

Machine offers eBoost technology for reduced utility costs


Ripon, Wis. – Huebsch, the expert in commercial laundry efficiency, announced today that it has expanded its washer-extractor product line to include the HCN100, a 100-pound front load washer-extractor with eBoost™ technology for vended laundry owners.

This large capacity washer-extractor will allow laundromat owners to command a higher vend price than smaller capacity machines, leading to additional revenue. The machine takes up the same amount of room as an 80-pound machine, making the HCN100 an easy replacement.

Huebsch’s new eBoost technology is also available on the HCN100. eBoost makes Huebsch washer-extractors supremely efficient, using 33 percent less electrical energy and 11 percent less water than two-speed models. The technology also includes the patented Water Guardian leak detection, a one of a kind technology that detects leaks in both the drain and fill valves, eliminating wasted water and resources.

With the Galaxy™ 600 control, multilevel vend pricing enables store owners to increase revenue per cycle, while time-of-day pricing helps laundromat owners increase turns during slow times, increasing store profitability. Customers can tailor wash cycles for an additional price, allowing store owners to generate even more revenue. When combined with a card payment system, the control allows customers to ease into vend increases pennies at a time, helping to eliminate sticker shock.

Owners can quickly retrieve machine data using a PDA or laptop with Galaxy 600. Easy programming and information retrieval gives laundry owners the tools to manage multiple laundromats and maximize profits.

All of the efficiency components of the HCN100 with eBoost and Galaxy 600 control mean one thing for vended laundry owners – greater profitability.

Product information contact: 800.553.5120 or visit

Media contact: Tina Daniell 414.292.0231 or

About Huebsch:
Huebsch provides the laundry equipment market with a wide range of durable on-premises and coin laundry equipment. As a major player in the self-serve and OPL laundry businesses, Huebsch is dedicated to providing quality equipment and service to their nation-wide network of authorized distributors. And with in-house financing from Huebsch Financial, customers receive a competitive set of financial products with unmatched industry knowledge. Huebsch is a brand of Alliance Laundry Systems LLC, a leading global manufacturer of commercial laundry products and provider of services for laundromats, multi-housing laundries and on-premises laundries. To learn more, visit


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