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Experienced owner chooses Electrolux for his latest venture – Plaza Coin Laundry


Experienced owner chooses Electrolux for his latest venture – Plaza Coin Laundry

May 3, 2010 – Inwood, New York – Bermil Industries Corporation announced the opening of Plaza Coin Laundry located in Westminster, Colorado. After owning and operating a total of nine Laundromats, owner Roger Idler has an impressive track record. Plaza Coin Laundry is his first Electrolux professional laundry-equipped store and he couldn’t be more pleased.

 Plaza Coin Laundry was an existing laundry that had been closed for two years. The new location is about two and a half miles from another financially successful store he bought two years ago. “When I compared the demographics between the two stores, this new location was even better,” expressed Roger. “I figured that if someone was going to take some of my business by reopening the store, it ought to be me!” 

 Roger first learned about the Plaza Coin location from authorized Bermil (Wascomat and Electrolux Professional) dealer Rob Burgess, owner of Advanced Laundry Systems. “Rob Burgess introduced me to the Wascomat brand when I built my first Colorado store 15 years ago,” shared Roger. “We stayed in touch and have become good friends. I know how hard he works to keep his customers satisfied and I trust him.”

 “Roger is a customer for life,” said Rob Burgess. “We immediately thought of him when this opportunity arose. The location was great and the landlord was eager to make a deal.” Rob also recommended that Roger consider going with Electrolux Professional Laundry equipment this time around. “The text messaging sold him!” exclaimed Rob.

 The SMS texting feature is an available option on all Electrolux Professional washers. The machines can text the customer when the wash is done and can even text the owner when the money box is full. “The machine can actually send a text message to receive a service call,” said Rob. “It’s incredible! The SMS texting is going to make Roger a leader in the industry. It sets him apart from the competition.”

 “It’s very exciting to be one of the first Electrolux stores in the U.S.,” commented Roger.  “I’ve always thought of myself as a guinea pig when it comes to trying new products. The great thing about choosing Electrolux is that it’s a world-leading brand known for the highest quality. I know Bermil and Rob stand behind the product. I was already familiar with the quality and reliability of the Wascomat machines, so I knew I couldn’t go wrong with Electrolux.”

 Wascomat Commercial Laundry and Electrolux Professional Laundry equipment are distributed in North America by Bermil Industries now doing business as Laundrylux. The company offers state-of-the-art commercial and professional laundry and wetcleaning equipment for the vended and OPL markets, as well as financing solutions and business planning support. Wascomat and Electrolux products are world-renowned for exceptional service and engineered for quality, durability, and water and energy efficiency.


 Dawn Nagle
Marketing Director
Bermil Industries Corp.
461 Doughty Blvd.
Inwood, NY 11096
tel: (516)371-4400 x123
fax: (516)371-4204

 Distributors of Wascomat® & Electrolux®
Professional Laundry equipment

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