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Laundrylux promotes Robert Hinojosa to RBM, Northeast Coin



Laundrylux is pleased to announce that Robert Hinojosa has been promoted to Regional Business Manager, Coin for the Northeast Territory.
“Robert is a great asset to our company,” states Howard Herman, Laundrylux President. “He started out in Inside Sales about 4 years ago and has steadily taken on additional work and responsibilities. Robert served as an interim RBM for the west coast over the past year and did a super job.”

Robert was destined for the laundry industry. “I was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas where my father and grandfather were partners in multiple coin stores,” shares Robert. “Needless to say, I spent many weekends with my father keeping the stores clean and maintaining machines.”

After college, Robert received a call from his Grandfather, a long-time Wascomat distributor, asking if he would like to work for his company selling Wascomat equipment.  “My first day on the job my Grandfather pointed to an old Gen 3 washer and told me to take it apart and put it back together,” remembers Robert.  “Everything clicked for me. Over the years I learned a lot more about the equipment, but even more importantly – how to grow a distribution business. I was directly involved in sales, marketing, and business development.  This first-hand experience has given me great insight into distribution and I’m prepared to leverage that to help our distributors grow.”

“Robert joined Laundrylux with the goal of becoming a Regional, and he worked very hard to achieve that goal,” stated John Sabino, Laundrylux COO.  “When this new opportunity arose, we knew the timing was right and Robert was the man for the job. His knowledge of financing, new store development, and products have continued to grow and we are confident he will be a great asset to the Wascomat and Electrolux Coin distributors in the Northeast region.”

“I am very excited to start this next phase of my career with Laundrylux,” shared Robert. “We have two powerhouse brands that have already changed this industry and I am proud to be part of this team. I am looking forward to working with the distributors and sharing my knowledge of distribution and marketing with them.”

About Laundrylux:

Global leader Electrolux®, Crossover®, and Wascomat® professional laundry products are distributed in North America by Laundrylux®. The company offers state-of-the-art commercial laundry and wetcleaning equipment for the vended and OPL markets, as well as financing solutions and business planning support. To learn more, call (800)645-2204 or visit

Dawn Nagle
VP, Creative Services
461 Doughty Blvd.
Inwood, NY 11096
tel: (516)371-4400 x123
fax: (516)371-4204

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We are an insurance agency that works exclusively with laundromat owners.
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We are an insurance agency that works exclusively with laundromat owners.

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