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Customize Look of Dryer By Adding Your Store Name


Contact: Jordan Andrade
American Dryer Corporation
Marketing Coordinator
Tel: 508.678.9000


Customize Look of Dryer By Adding Your Store Name

   (Fall River, MA December 10, 2012) – Now available for ADC traditional line coin dryers, American Dryer Corp is introducing customized dryer doors. Two options are the laundry name etched into the door handles as well as colored door rings*.

ADC can laser cut the laundry’s name into a metal bar across the door glass. This gives the store owner the opportunity to promote and help build their branding. Additionally, ADC is making available various color options for the door rings to further enhance the look and feel of individual laundries.

ADC understands the importance of building brand identity. Door etching and ring colors are just two of the many ways ADC helps your laundry stand out from the crowd.


About ADC

American Dryer Corporation is a brand trusted by laundries worldwide for innovative, engineer-driven designs that improve efficiency and performance, extend product life and enhance serviceability. For nearly five decades, ADC has become the leading manufacturer of drying solutions which embody these designs for commercial coin-operated, on-premise and industrial laundry markets in 90 countries worldwide. ADC has been first to market with many of the innovations that have since become industry standards. And now, to provide innovation for total laundry solutions, we offer energy efficient washer/extractors with the same quality you expect from us. As ADC moves forward, we are committed to producing a premiere product, providing extraordinary customer service and being a key player in revolutionizing the laundry industry. ADC is “Simply Reliable by Design

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