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How to Calculate  Laundromat Water Usage


Water companies sell water in HCF or Hundred Cubic Feet units. One cubic foot of water is equivalent to 7.48 gallons of water. Therefore, 748 gallons of water per HCF (Hundred Cubic Feet). There are some water companies that will write the actual gallons used as opposed to HCF. To analyse total usage, one gets the total number of HCF for 30 days and multiples that number by 748. We then divide the total number of gallons of water by 30, which would give us the total number of gallons of water used per day. So for instance, if top loaders at a Laundromat get used 100 times a day, one multiplies the number of gallons a top loader would use times the number of cycles (100) and come up with total usage. One could then match these numbers and see if they are congruent.

Laundromat Dryer Income Estimates


Dryer income is usually 25-50% of washer revenue. There is no exact formula for this since habits vary depending on location or circumstances. But as a general rule of thumb there should be 20 minutes of dry time for every wash cycle.

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