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The Laundromat Success Program™ helps you create a detailed plan to completely protect all aspects of your laundromat business.

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Laundrylux Contact:  Dawn Nagle
VP Creative Services, Marketing Director
(800)645-2205 /


Grow your laundromat business with Electrolux commercial washing machines


Whether you are an entrepreneur looking to own a laundromat business or have one already, check out Laundrylux’s new video on Electrolux commercial washing machines. You’ll learn how Electrolux commercial washing machines use less water and energy, produce better wash results – and create customers for life.

Electrolux’s high-speed commercial washing machines remove more water from the laundry resulting in shorter drying times and significant electrical and gas savings. You’ll lower your utilities usage, and serve more customers with faster throughput (freeing up dryers, folding tables and parking spots). There’s even a text messaging option! Customers can receive a text message notification when their laundry is done and ready for unloading.

Generate customer loyalty with these unique features of Electrolux Professional commercial washing machines:

  • Up to 50% water savings with Automatic Water Savings (AWS)
  • Compass Pro for easy programming, more than 20 languages available, detailed user statistics and diagnostics, and more.
  • Save thousands of gallons of water each year in dead water alone. Learn more by watching our Electrolux and Wascomat Drain Valve vs. Competition video
  • Real-time clock for time of day pricing and happy hour promotional pricing
  • PowerBalance for longer machine life and optimum water extraction
  • Sanitizing Rinse for greater customer satisfaction and additional revenue
  • Electrolux TMIS Text Messaging and Voice Guidance options
  • In addition, when you open an Electrolux equipped laundromat business, we provide valuable marketing support– at no charge to you! We offer full store design, website design, and marketing strategy services!

To learn more, please contact:
John Olsen, VP Coin Laundry
(800)862-1752 •


Dawn Nagle
Vice President, Creative Services


  2. 516-371-4400 x123
  3. 516-371-4204








Electrolux and Wascomat commercial washers use 97% less dead water than competitors’ models



Did you know that Electrolux and Wascomat commercial washing machines use 97% less dead water than competitors’ washers because of its unique drain valve assembly? Would you like to save thousands of gallons of water every year? This video compares the water usage / dead water from competitors’ 30 lb washers to the water usage / dead water of the Electrolux and Wacomat 30 lb models. Since Electrolux and Wascomat washers use the same Drain Valve System, the water savings will be consistent across both brands.


With Electrolux and Wascomat commercial laundry equipment you’ll save water and energy, lower your costs, and at the same time, make a positive impact on the environment.

Let us show you how to make your laundry more profitable.
To learn more, please contact: John Olsen, Vice President
(800)862-1752 •

To see more of our videos, please visit our Laundrylux YouTube channel.

We are an insurance agency that works exclusively with laundromat owners.
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We are an insurance agency that works exclusively with laundromat owners.

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Contact the folks at the Laundromat Success Program™ today to make sure your laundromat is safe. It will help you sleep better tonight.

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