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Tell them sent you....

Tell them sent you...

Archive for October, 2006

Remembering Clean Show.

Tuesday, October 31st, 2006


Here is a sample of photos from the Clean Show.

We are in process of going through the photos now.

More will follow…  

Click on Photo

Photos taken by Kitty

Prime Time!

Monday, October 30th, 2006


Obviously Mike and his wife have some Hollywood connections. But yet they did not need any extras;) so I guess that’s why my phone did not ring….but some of us did get a certain plug that was pretty darned special………specifically COINWASH.COM!!! THANK YOU MIKE!Mike’s mat was part of a movie set,

(“Human Trafficking”) about the global trade in human flesh starring Mira
Sorvino and Donald Sutherland)

Mike knew prior to the shoot and contacted Jonathan and made the arrangements to have the COINWASH.COM logo used as the Laundromat name of MIKES MAT for great publicity for us!If you have noticed in past issues of the Journal, an article was talking about using this type of FREE publicity as a brilliant way to market business! COINWASH.COM cannot thank MIKE enough for the opportunity to bring COINWASH.COM TO PRIME TIME!Everyone be on the look out for the movie and be sure to TIVO the movie or watch it live and be sure to look for the COINWASH.COM LOGO (Signage) AT MIKE”S MAT!!!!

It could flash by in seconds and be a good subliminal effect-LOL
Of course Donald Southerland and Mira Sorvina won’t be subliminal.




Water World.

Monday, October 30th, 2006

Water world.

A novel by Pete f.
I have had water in one place or another, at one time up to 3 places, for the last month or so. I think I have a dry floor now.
It started simply with a minute leak in a T under the bulkhead feeding the washer spigots. I had gooped this T a couple years ago, it held pretty good. My plumber had just finished my new mat and I had a credit coming. I did not have time to mess with this small job, and being schedule 80 pipe, could not readily buy the material, he agreed to fix it for the amount I had coming back. I had to shut the water down for about 1/2 day and that nite for the pipe to cure out. The next day I noticed a bulge in the washer hose that was next to that tap so I replaced the hose, turned the water back on and thought life was good.
For the net couple days I saw a very small amount of water on the floor. I figure it is new customers using Dexter washers. About the third day I notice water around my old Milnor. It would leak slightly out the front door from time to time, I do nothing. About a week into this, the water is still coming from somewhere near the T repair. i check and check, can;’t see any leak. I run my hands on all the hose, and one comes up wet on the backside. It is the hose I had replaced..! It was leaking. I replace it. Over at the Milnor seems more water around it, but has been busy.. now seems their is water on the floor in the hot water heater room. I check it out, can;t find any leak. I dry everything, put a cam in. Day or two later there is major water around the Milnor. I run it, water is communing from somewhere I can;t see. I decide to junk the washer and buy a new one. Back in then hot water room more water on the floor, the heater is out. I am worry some leak inside the heater puts the pilot out. Clean, relite, come back the next day. seems OK. A day or two later I see lots of water in the room, I happen to look outside and see the over flow tube has water gushing out of it. It is next to the wall of the heater room,. I figure this is where the water is come from. I don;t know what to do, it is spitting hot water out as fast as it can. I shut the timer down, it shuts down the gas. As the water cools down the rate of flow out the overflow lessons. I figure the t-stat is bad, and when it heats up the safety valve blows open. I can run without hot water for a few days until I get it fixed or new heators…. I call a guy, he checks it out, says the safety valve itself is bad, he will get one in a few days. The floor is dry the nite before he checks the heater, as I have the thing shut down. . He fire it back up, says it will run at a lower temp no problem, and gets the valve changed out 2 days later. My cleaning lady says she sees water in the office, which is next to the heater room the day before. I am wondering now. I go the day after the heater is fixed and see some water in the heater room again. Now I am wondering if it is coming up from the floor drain. I check the lint trap, it seems OK, no apparent cloggage. The cam never worked because the light in the heater room goes on and off for hours at a time, so the cam is not so good in the dark. I had it aimed at the drain for a few days, I see difference but no overflows..I am getting tired of water, and take Friday off. Sat eve we go to refill changers and walk into a small flood. Water everywhere inside the mat. We sweep/mop it all out. As I am pushing water out the door in the heater room I watch the floor drain, it sort of lets the water go back in. I notice their was some big wash customers. I am convinced my problem now is the drain line after the lint trap. Sunday I gear up, take all my drain cleaner tools and stuff and snake the line. At that time the lint trap is full, by full I mean up to the tops of the block, and it should be about 1 foot lower, and water is in the office again. The snake goes in and within a minute I hit something, the water drains fast. I pull the snake, it has a crunched beer can attached to it. I think I have fixed it.I clean up, mop up go home and have a big cigar. I get a call the next day, the water heater not on. Oh crap. what now. I go over, and it is the timer. It is set at 3am and is now 12:30 Pm, so I change it and the heater fires up.
I think to myself, what a pain, this reminds me of store #3 when I bought it, there was water only the floor for 2 months. Just when you think you have solved the leak another pops up at the same time or you had 2 or 3 leaks going at once. I am tired of water, thinking of selling my boat now.:)
We are an insurance agency that works exclusively with laundromat owners.
Tell them sent you...

Tell them sent you...

We are an insurance agency that works exclusively with laundromat owners.

Tell them sent you...

Tell them sent you...

Tell them sent you...

Contact the folks at the Laundromat Success Program™ today to make sure your laundromat is safe. It will help you sleep better tonight.

Tell them sent you....

Tell them sent you...