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Archive for April, 2007

“When I first ventured to this site”

Wednesday, April 25th, 2007
When I first ventured to this site, I was searching google just for fun. I found the old coinwash site, with the James Taylor song.(I for one, love kittyJames)
This site was mostly an all boys site, and as shy as I am, I jumped in. I drank up the information like a cold drink! Even though I spent many years managing multi mats, I learned the most from this site and its members. The generosity of the members responses I learned the ins and outs, the necessities and the new and improved ways of doing business in todays market.
 After I left my post I learned a valuable lesson on how to assess a market. I continue to see posts with questions on how to configure their potential site or store, and I cannot stress to everyone the education that lies within this site and the fact it is available for the taking. Please share with us, what brings you to the site and how you have benefited from the board.
Jonathan built this site for the  exchanging of information and to gather as much knowledge  as possible, so you can form your own opinions, depending on your particular situations.
 I think it is great that so many people are willing to share information, basically for free.

Product review is important to many store operators

Friday, April 20th, 2007



 We are asking members to continually promote this site to potential sponsors Kittywhenever possible. When doing business simply inform the business of this site or send us an email with a name for whom to contact. Coinwash does not censor any content regarding positive or negative comments from members about products or services.

Everyone is entitled to his/her opinion and most people understand all products will not be positively viewed by everyone. When products come into discussion we have found many voices about the products or services, both positive and negative.

We want to offer all sides of a product review. However, we have seen reviews based on misinformation and no personal experience with the product, therefore misinforming those reading. We appreciate all opinions and we encourage the positives and the negatives.

We feel distributors may be best suited to offer a more expert review. Distributors interested in participating with product or service reviews,


  please email

We want to maintain a fair review of product discussed here on
Product review is important to many store operators. Eliminating poor purchases is something every business owner wants to ensure. Coinwash will continue to provide unbiased professional discussions for the laundry owner.

Thank you all, 

Just WHO Gets Into Your Service Doors? – (And why should you care?)

Monday, April 9th, 2007


We all know life is complicated.  So many things to consider, and it seems each time we solve one concern; someone presents another problem to make us uneasy.  Now it’ my turn to tell you about a problem that has been there a long time – you just hadn’t noticed.  And its just one more little thing to keep you awake at nights – Service Door Locks.

 It doesn’t matter how secure your coin boxes are, or how well fortified your coin changers may be, if unauthorized persons can open your service door areas, and manually start the machine.  Aside from getting free washes or drys for themselves and anyone around, they can slide an index card under the coin mechanism, and keep the coins from falling into the vault.  The door is then locked, and then they return later in the day, collect the coins on top of the card and remove it till another day. If they move confidently, and dress in workmanlike clothes, who would notice?  This sounds petty, but if they do 20 machines and get $5 per machine, they get $100 tax free dollars without even wiping the machine off for you. [TIP: keep an eye out for loose change that may have been dropped inside the meter box, or underneath machines where they may have fallen through.]

 The problem lies with a simple historical fact.  Since the introduction of coin-operated laundries, service personnel have not wanted to carry a lot of keys around.  Most owners rarely open the service door area.  So the locks are generally one of about a dozen codes.  In fact, there is a high probability that an experienced service person can predict a service door code based on knowing the make and age of the machine.  Look in at your key. Does the number GR100, GR800 or maybe ZB7 (if you have Maytag’s) sound familiar? These are three of the most common codes.  The problem is that these codes have been in circulation for a number of decades.  There are ten’s of thousands of these keys out there and I know it may be hard to believe, but some of these have found their way into the hands of persons with poor ethical standards!

 It seems an insignificant thing.  So someone gets a few free washes.  Its no big deal,- – is it?  You bet it is!!   To say you have been nibbled to death by ducks may make an amusing picture.  It doesn’t make you any less dead!!  This is a pernicious practice that leaches away your profits.  How many can afford to lose even $50 a week on a regular basis?  Such losses rapidly add up to disaster. The thief is quite willing to start the machines for someone else – for half of what you charge.  Unattended Laundromats, routes and apartment locations are the most likely to suffer.  The criminal will get away with it for as long as they like. And unless they get careless or unless you have cycle counters on your machines, you may never even be aware of what has happened.

 An additional risk involves liability. We have all heard horror stories of the burglar getting bit by the property owner’s dog, and then suing for damages – – and winning!!  Imagine then that your service door has been left opened and someone gets electrocuted as they poke around.  Especially if that someone found the door already unlocked and was innocently “just looking around” when they hit a hot wire.
These locks are not all that expensive.  Especially when measured against the potential losses involved. Most are easy to replace even by those who are the most mechanically inept.  You will have to make certain of your control over the keys, just as you would for your coin box keys.  It may also be prudent to upgrade the lock to something other than the tubular locks.  As noted in previous issues, there is a pick out there that works too easily on tubular style locks.  A better lock will only cost a couple of dollars more than the less secure lock.  Changing to a non-traditional service door lock code means you will have to be present to open the doors if you have an outside repairman work on your machines.  Most machines take a standard lock, with a few requiring replacement cams when changing to new locks.

Consider changing to a service door locks to a less common code, protect your investment, and sleep a little bit easier – at least until the next problem shows up!!!

We are an insurance agency that works exclusively with laundromat owners.
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Contact the folks at the Laundromat Success Program™ today to make sure your laundromat is safe. It will help you sleep better tonight.

We are an insurance agency that works exclusively with laundromat owners.

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