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Please tell them sent you....

Tell them sent you...

Archive for August, 2007

Front Loaders Washers.

Tuesday, August 28th, 2007

Recently, front-loading washing machines have increasingly been coming onto the American market. Many people don’t realize that front-loaders were in fact the original kind of electric washing machine, and it’s top-loaders that came later!


• Front Loaders wash clothes cleaner

Your clothes will be cleaner (and softer!) because these machines rinse the clothes far superior and get out more of the detergent. Also, the tumble-action of the front loaders cleans better than conventional agitators that stir up your clothes to get them clean.


• Front Loaders

use less detergent Because they use less water, you need ¼ – ½ the amount of detergent that you would use in a conventional top loading washer. With front-loaders, It’s important not to over-suds the machine. Too much suds will reduce the cleaning action and make rinsing out all the detergent much more difficult. Be sure to measure carefully.


• Front Loaders wash more gently

Front loaders tumble clothes rather than stir them up. This washing action results in less friction between the clothes, and less chance of damage by getting caught around the agitator. You’ll find you can machine-wash delicate items such as lingerie and wool sweaters you would normally wash by hand. You will also notice less pilling on your fabrics.

• Front Loaders run more quietly

Tumble-action machines run so quietly that some folks can’t even hear them!


• Front Loaders handle large and bulky items with ease

Easily wash your quilt, pillows, sleeping bags and more! You should be able to wash all of these in 20lb front loading machines. These machines actually wash better when you stuff them full when loading.


• Front Loaders are friendlier to the environment

These high efficiency machines use less energy and less water than conventional machines. That means less stress on our natural resources and a cleaner conscience for you along with cleaner clothes. Front Loaders shorten dryer time They have very high spin cycles which means clothes come out of the washer much less wet. Front Loaders save you time & money Not only will you be able to run dryers for less time, you’ll also spend less money on detergent, less money on clothes (they’ll last longer), and our new front loading Huebsch machines average a super efficient 20 minute wash!

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We are an insurance agency that works exclusively with laundromat owners.
Tell them sent you...

We are an insurance agency that works exclusively with laundromat owners.

Tell them sent you...

Tell them sent you...

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Tell them sent you...

Tell them sent you...

Tell them sent you....