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Archive for February, 2012

Mountain Electronics’ 2012 Workforce Expands by Millions!

Monday, February 13th, 2012

 Mountain Electronics


Mountain Electronics’ 2012 Workforce Expands by Millions!

Mountain Electronics prides itself on its eco-friendliness.   For years, we have used sustainable practices, such as packing customers’ computer boards with re-usable and biodegradable paper and plant-based materials, and re-using shipping boxes, padding, and void fill.  Now we are able to thoroughly clean your circuit boards using the latest non-toxic SmartWasher® technology – using millions of microbes which eat the oils and contaminants that gunk up circuits and components.

Often, circuit boards will arrive with dust, lint, grease, and layers of unidentifiable substances that are difficult to remove from the hundreds of components and connections that may need to be repaired or replaced.  We found that merely blasting the boards with compressed air wasn’t enough. We needed deeper, more thorough cleaning, but did not want to expose our employees or our environment to the popular but toxic standard cleaning chemicals.  Now we deep clean your control boards with the SmartWasher® non-toxic cleaning solution which allows us to repair computer boards more efficiently and stop corrosion from continually damaging the circuitry – without nasty chemicals!   Our commitment to excellent service doesn’t stop with the UPS truck carrying your boards back to you; we try to minimize our “downstream” impact.  Considered at every stage in the repair process are your health,
our employees’ health, and the health of the environment that sustains us all.

American Dryer Corp. Enters Commercial Washer Market

Friday, February 3rd, 2012


Contact: Jordan Andrade
American Dryer Corporation
Marketing Coordinator
Tel: 508.678.9000

 ADC Introduces EcoWash



American Dryer Corporation, the leading manufacturer of commercial and indus- trial dryers for nearly 50 years is officially
entering the commercial washer market. As the pioneer of ground-breaking, energy- efficient drying solutions for commercial coin-operated, on-premise and industrial laundry markets, it made perfect sense to offer customersa machine to match their ADC dryers.Joseph Bazzinotti, President and CEO of American Dryer Corporation
According to Joe Bazzinotti, President and CEO of ADC, “We now offer the same quality you expect from ADC in energy efficient washer/extractors. After nearly five decades of providing superior drying solutions, it simply felt like the right time to offer a companion for them- EcoWash is just that.

At ADC we want to be able to provide the same quality and innovation in a complete package”.

 Through years of development ADC has tested and designed the EcoWash units to ensure the best quality and key features to meet even the toughest demands. Simple controls and a choice of rigid mount (90 – 200 G force) and free-standing  high-spin units (350 G), provide choices to match the laundry’s specific needs.

 For more information regarding EcoWash by ADC, visit or contact the sales department directly at or (508) 678-9000.

 About ADC

American Dryer Corporation is a brand trusted by laundries worldwide for innovative, engineer-driven designs that improve efficiency and performance, extend product life and enhance serviceability. For nearly five decades, ADC has become the leading manufacturer  of drying solutions which embody these designs for commercial coin-operated, on-premise and industrial laundry markets in 90 countries worldwide. ADC has been first to market with many of the innovations that have since become industry standards. And now, to provide innovation for total laundry solutions, we offer energy efficient washer/ extractors with the same quality you expect from us. As ADC moves forward, we are committed  to producing a premiere product, providing extraordinary customer service and being a key player in revolutionizing the laundry industry.


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