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Archive for January, 2013

Speed Queen Upgrades 55-pound Tumble Dryer

Wednesday, January 9th, 2013


 For Immediate Release

Speed Queen Upgrades 55-pound Tumble Dryer


 Ripon, Wis. Feb. XX, 2013 – Speed Queen, the leading provider of commercial laundry equipment, has upgraded its 55-pound tumble dryer, the ST55, with technologies that will help increase revenue and throughput.

 The single cylinder 55-pound tumble dryer is now available with reversing technology. This technology allows the dryer cylinder to alternate directions preventing large items, such as sheets or tablecloths, from knotting and twisting. The reverse action provides a consistent and even dry. The ST55 will allow store owners with commercial linen accounts to improve labor and energy efficiency because staff will no longer need to unwind laundry or run additional dry cycles. Laundromats can also increase revenue by charging more for the use of a specialty tumbler.

 The technology is available through Speed Queen’s Quantum controls, a revolutionary technology that unites equipment controls, programming and store management into one versatile system, allowing store owners to remotely manage their stores and increase profitability.

 Product information: 1.800.590.8872 or visit
 Media requests: Tina Daniell, 414.292.0231 or

 More about Speed Queen:
Speed Queen provides laundry managers with a variety of innovative and reliable commercial washers, dryers and laundromat equipment.  As an industry leader, Speed Queen is dedicated to providing its market expertise to help increase efficiencies in on-premises laundries. To accomplish this, the company offers Speed Queen Financial Services, which provides a continuum of stable, long-term capital solutions specifically for the laundry industry. The brand is an entity of Ripon, Wis.-based Alliance Laundry Systems LLC, a leading global manufacturer of commercial laundry products and provider of services for laundromats, multi-housing laundries and on-premises laundries. To learn more, visit


Landrylux transforms holiday card into a helping donation

Monday, January 7th, 2013


 Landrylux transforms holiday card into a helping donation


Laundrylux decided to do more than just wish their friends Happy Holidays this season. The company helped make the holidays a little happier for their New York and New Jersey neighbors. Instead of mailing out their annual holiday card, Laundrylux marketing staff put that money toward a donation to help victims of Hurricane Sandy. The 500-plus people  on the company’s holiday card mailing list instead received, via email, a fun digital greeting, complete with animation and festive music.

“This holiday season just felt a little different knowing how many of our friends and neighbors were still trying to recover from the hurricane,” said Neal Milch, CEO of Laundrylux. “Making the donation felt like the right thing to do. And we actually received a number of positive comments from the card…many said it was a ‘wonderful idea’ and an ‘excellent way to share the holiday spirit.’”

To view the Laundrylux holiday card click here.

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