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American Dryer Corporation Launches New Website


Contact: Jordan Andrade
American Dryer Corporation
Marketing Coordinator
Tel: 508.678.9000


American Dryer Corporation Launches New Website


( Fall River, MA November 4, 2011) – After extensive planning, implementation, and testing, American Dryer Corporation is ready to
showcase its new identity to the world-wide web. On Friday, October 21st 2011 ADC  launched the revival of

American Dryer has worked diligently with ExNihilo, an award winning professional services firm based out of Providence, Rhode Island, to
meet the primary objective of providing an effective business development tool that will showcase the full range of laundry options
available from American Dryer Corporation. “We are placing an emphasis on making the appropriate information easily available for each of our
specific audiences” said Tony Regan, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing.”

The website’s new design emblematizes the evolution of American Dryer with a modern, clean look. The site’s also been built to improve user
experience through functionality. Both seasoned distributors and laundry professionals as well as newcomers to the laundry industry will
benefit from the product search capabilities which allow them to search by model or tumbler capacity, giving the option to select the precise
dryer information desired. The Support section of the website includes a search wizard for manuals that will allow for quick identification of manual
categories and refine the overall list for easier selection.

American Dryer Corporation is confident the website’s overhaul will be well received and in turn will allow ADC to stand out as an industry
leader that it is. Please visit today.

About ADC

American Dryer Corporation is the leading manufacturer of ground-breaking and energy-efficient drying solutions for commercial coin-operated, on-premise and industrial laundry
markets in 90 countries worldwide. ADC is a pioneer and is devoted to revolutionizing the dryer industry. The result of this single-minded pursuit is a brand that is trusted by laundries
worldwide for innovative and quality dryers and a reputation that has established American Dryer Corporation as the world’s largest sole manufacturer of commercial laundry dryers.

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