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Houston Owner Honored as Huebsch® Store Owner of the Quarter


Houston Owner Honored as Huebsch® Store Owner of the Quarter

Multi-store owner Joseph Koyithara turned to Huebsch for a fresh start


RIPON, Wis. – (May 6, 2014) – Huebsch®, the expert in commercial laundry efficiency, is recognizing Joseph Koyithara as the Huebsch Store Owner of the Quarter for his Houston West Airport Washateria (7997 W. Airport Blvd.).

A recently introduced award, the Store Owner of the Quarter will recognize four owners from across thehonor Joseph Koyithara country that have been able to excel in a variety of ways such as entrepreneurism, technology adoption, innovation and superior customer and community service.

Although the store has been open just a few months, Koyithara’s success in laundry has been years in the making. A software engineer by trade, he and his partners purchased an existing chain of Houston-area laundromats prior to opening West Airport Washateria. After the New York native faced challenges while working with his then distributor to remodel two of his stores, he turned to Huebsch and Houston-based distributor Gulf States Laundry Machinery for a fresh start.

His commitment to succeeding in the laundry business is why Koyithara is being recognized with the first quarter’s honor. “Joseph’s ability to see the value of the laundry business, even after a few bumps in the road, is a true testament to his entrepreneurial spirit and drive to succeed as an owner,” Kathryn Q. Rowen, Huebsch North American sales manager, said. “We are proud to recognize Joseph with our inaugural Store Owner of the Quarter award.”

Koyithara used his business savvy and realized the unique opportunity his current real estate holdings provided. West Airport Washateria is located in a nearly 12,000 square-foot strip center that features a convenience store, gas station and liquor store, all of which Koyithara and his partners own. By co-locating his laundromat in the strip center, customers can purchase laundry items and snacks, traditionally found in a vending machine, at his convenience store.


During the building process, Gulf States and the Huebsch regional sales team were able to show Koyithara how a true distributor and customer relationship should work. “The relationship with Gulf States was more of a partnership,” Koyithara stated. “I ran the equipment mix plans past them before construction started and they checked in during the build-out; it was so much easier and more efficient than my previous experiences.”

The nearly 4,000 square-foot store features 32 Huebsch washer-extractors ranging from 20- to 80-pound capacities.

Koyithara chose machines that feature Galaxy™ 600 controls, water-saving eBoost™ technology and 200 G-Force extraction, which removes more water from the load, providing customers with shorter dry times in the 30- and 45-pound stacked tumble dryers.

“Given the setbacks I experienced with my first stores, I’m ready to use the Galaxy features to the fullest to run as efficiently as possible while boosting my revenue,” Koyithara added.

To read more about Koyithara’s story, and the stories of the future Huebsch Store Owner of the Quarter recipients, visit


Media contact: Kaitlin Corner, 414.292.0224 or


About Huebsch:

Since 1907, Huebsch has manufactured durable commercial laundry equipment engineered for efficiency, reliability and optimal performance. Commercial laundry is our only focus and we back our equipment with an industry-leading warranty. Throughout our decades in the commercial laundry business we have continually innovated. We now produce some of the most efficient and cost-effective washers and tumble dryers in the world. Our equipment is supported by a network of knowledgeable distributors and service professionals. Our customers further benefit from an extensive set of financing options provided by Huebsch Financial. Huebsch is part of the Alliance Laundry Systems LLC family of brands. Alliance is the leading global manufacturer of commercial laundry equipment and provider of services to laundromats, multi-housing laundries and on-premises laundries. To learn more about Huebsch, visit



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We are an insurance agency that works exclusively with laundromat owners.
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Tell them sent you...

Tell them sent you...

Tell them sent you...

Tell them sent you...

We are an insurance agency that works exclusively with laundromat owners.

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