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Hamilton Engineering’s Companion

Hamilton Engineering 2014

For immediate release:
Livonia, MI

Hamilton Engineering’s Companion



Hamilton Engineering’s EVO Companion water heaters are the ideal water heating solution for your laundry.  They are compact, requiring only a minimal footprint.  They are efficient – the most efficient water heater available at over 99% efficiency!  Companions for press releases 5.6.14They have no flow restriction, and will not limit the hot water supplied, like tankless water heaters do.  They also have the longest warranty in the industry at 10 years, heat exchanger and tank!


If your laundry is in an area of poor water quality and your water heater suffers from scale build-up, then the Indirect Companion is the ideal solution.  Poor water quality could be hard water, high pH, or a water chemistry that is prone to scale in the water heater.  The Indirect Companion heats the scale-forming water without risk of developing scale build-up and the loss of efficiency that comes with it.


Hamilton Engineering will help you determine the right water heater for your laundry, for your water quality, and for your budget.  And, if you are upgrading your washers, consider looking at your water heater too–your old heater is probably over-sized and inefficient.




For more information, call Hamilton Engineering at 800.968.5530 or email




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