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Industry Veteran Howard Herman retires (sort of) from Laundrylux



For Immediate Release
Laundrylux Contact:  Dawn Nagle
VP Creative Services, Marketing Director
(800)645-2205 /


Industry Veteran Howard Herman retires (sort of) from Laundrylux


Howard Herman, a beloved industry veteran, retired fromhowardandneallr full time employment with Laundrylux and predecessor Wascomat (Bermil Industries) after 43 short years.

“Howard has been a stalwart of our industry for more than four decades, with friends at virtually every manufacturer and distributor across North America. His knowledge, dedication, hard work and especially people skills helped make the Wascomat brand what it is today,” shared Neal Milch, Laundrylux CEO.

“Howard started in the warehouse after being hired by Bernie Milch and worked his way up to President of Laundrylux. Howard’s unique blend of talents won’t be equaled any time soon. Though he will be missed in the office everyday, Howard is continuing to make a difference on a part time basis and will continue to serve on the Board of the Coin Laundry Association until 2017.”

“I myself recently spent time with Howard on important company business outside the USA, and he is personally following up on defined sales opportunities,” Milch adds.  “The entire Laundrylux team celebrated with Howard and his wife Terry at the Company’s annual holiday party last year, when we commemorated our 60th year in business and status as Electrolux’s longest continuous customer relationship in the world.”


Howard will be contributing to the industry throughout 2017 as a member of the Coin Laundry Association Board of Directors.

Dawn Nagle
Vice President, Creative Services


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We are an insurance agency that works exclusively with laundromat owners.
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We are an insurance agency that works exclusively with laundromat owners.

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