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Originally Posted by walt57

Just wanted to say thank you to every member on here i have learnt so much on here we have not had to call a tech in almost a year if your in the mat for a living it’s a must to be a member. My latest lesson was cleaning the speed queen front loaders stainless steel there was a post that said napa aluminum brightener was the best so went and picked some up today boy let me tell you the machines look new again this is the best they have looked in years so a big THANK YOU TO ALL


Originally Posted by islander238

Thanks for all of the advice lately, here and on other posts.

I will say, the price of a premium membership has saved me hundreds of dollars so far, if not more. There is just so much good information and advice here.

Checked the drain. Bra wire and a bunch of junk. Easy fix. I am so green. Saved the cost by having a premium membership right there, not to mention lost revenue over the weekend. Thanks, guys.


Originally Posted by blakelyfg

I agree completely. While I am still a newbie, my coinwash membership paid for itself before even purchasing my mat. I spent many many hours reading old posts and taking notes. This helped me in determining which mats were worth further study and which ones to drop immediately. It also helped me in negotiating prices and taught me to be prepared to “Walk Away”. Always complete your due diligence. If the seller cannot provide you with the necessary information, you probably need to walk away immediately.

Knowledge is power, and there is a lot of knowledge to be had by being a premium member.


Originally Posted by Chuckles

I agree that Coinwash membership is the best return on investment a laundromat owner can make. With thoughtful feedback members serve as a valuable resource for help and opinions. Be part of the solution!



Originally Posted by CaliAgents1688

Swapped out the power board assembly/inverter and low and behold it was the culprit!!

will have the machine back up and running soon.

Much much thanks to Jonathan at Coinwash as well as the entire Laundrylux/Wascomat support team/engineers for helping me resolve my door lock issue.

Jonathan has been paramount in helping me out with this dilemma and to that I toast him with a glass of fine whiskey.


Originally Posted by goingtoarizona


Thanks for providing a great website. I got my Maytag price increase info today !! Maytag email & my local distributors left me without any answers or help. I support you all the way.


Originally Posted by tater57

Thanks for the tip on the broken wire. That was the problem. That tip alone was worth the price of becoming a premium member. Thank again & Happy New Year.


Originally Posted by txah

 This website is an amazing resource to anyone wanting to get into or learn more about the business.

Originally Posted by Laundryplus


As s new mat owner and plans to open another I too am very interested in this system. But like you said Mike, there is A TRUST that comes from dealing with a COINWASH sponsor….

With a direct connection to this many potential customers…. Why would you NOT be a sponsor?

Originally Posted by shad2038


 I saved the cost of premium membership 3 days after joining, and have been saving ever since!!

The advice given is fantastic, not only technical but operational as well…


Originally Posted by pete f


 Coinwash supports both member owners and suppliers like no body else. I have been involved in an intervention by CW, results were the same, done and in the end the supplier kept me as a customer. Advertisers here should take note, as well as members knowing the sale is supported by the best in the win we all make money.


Originally Posted by kbc747


 So here is what has taken place so far. Jonathan or should I say coinwash went to bat and in a matter of a few hours has solved the problem. Electrolux responded has said they were sorry for the mix up and has pushed the paper work through and the president signed the check this afternoon. He called and left a message saying the check would be sent Fedex on Monday.

Thanks Jonathan for your interest and support, should have called you first saved myself a ton of grief. I must say your call today was the biggest surprise of all. Been a member since 2005 and to be honest never got it until today. I was shocked that Coinwash was on it like it was their money, their problem, called and followed up to make sure those that said they would had done what they had promised. All I can say is Thank-you so very much. MOST IMPRESSIVE……….

Originally Posted by Joyce Strange


 My husband and I sold our laundromat last week, but we thank you for the endless support you and your message boards provided.  For the short time we were a part of the community, we were proud to be in such good company!

Thank you again and good luck!

Joyce Strange


Originally Posted by DNJplus6


 READ, RESEARCH, and RE-READ posts from this forum.

I did just that for almost a year before we pulled the trigger and bought our first mat. We open April 19 !

Originally Posted by DNJplus6

Day #1 in the books

Today was the first day for our mat. We had a turn on every machine an most machines turned twice.

Thanks to all who gave advice and/or just added posts to this site. I have learned a lot from this site and its contributors…………………..

Gotta get some sleep now……..

Thanks again Coinwash !!!

There is no better power than knowledge in any business…….

Originally Posted by mike


Boy, if someone saved me a lot of money,

I would rush to join the premium section,

to ensure that I had even MORE access to money saving advice !

Originally Posted by YafaKlan


You should see the kinda info that goes on in the VIP section of this site. Strictly members only.  So get your   membership. The fee is so cheap when compared to the information that you get back.

Originally Posted by pete f


The poster joined Coinwash Prem and now in addition to this forum has use of prem area including manuals and other repair advice. No repair question is to hard, just post the problem, machine model and serial number and others here will help you fix it. You might want to read thru the various repair posts that are similar models to your equipment.

Originally Posted by CDSILKS


I just joined and downloaded the program manual to solve my problem instantly. Thanks again, Corey

Originally Posted by Wascatoid


Totally off-topic but I have learned SO MUCH in the very short time I’ve been on, it is some of the best $55  I have spent in a long time IMO. THANK YOU COINWASH.COM FOR BEING HERE!!!!!!


Originally Posted by pete f


this is what the coinwash is all about. chat with owners around the world and solve problems.

Originally Posted by JERSEYJAY


The $55 I spent to become a Premium Member was the best money ever spent.

The advice I have received from these forums is priceless. Thanks Guys.


Originally Posted by maddmoose

 Thank you everyone for your advice and guidance….

I’ve received more than enough advice to justify the price for the premium membership.

I will join today. I’m sure this site will be my most visited site …..

Originally Posted by gregsservice


Originally Posted by SudsMan

 I’ll post more as I get more experience with the EVO. Many thanks to everyone who sent their thoughts and comments. That’s what Coinwash is all about!


Originally Posted by KJD

   I was not worried as I am pretty mechanical and and the Techs have been a blessing over the years.

Originally Posted by Ronald


In may of 2003 I found and very glad I did all the posts have been helpful.Well I am now in the mat biz deal went thru on Wed,19 got a few machines to fix and a lot of clean up to do. But I am making money. Now I will post my Questions in the service area.


Originally Posted by farson54


Thanks Guys, With your help I have solve the problem.

On one machine all I had to do was adjust the water level screw about 1/2 a turn. The other machine I was having problems with had a bra strap stuck in the dump valve causing it to leak. I had replaced the dump valve on the other one and it didn’t seem to make much difference so I never swapped out the one that really needed it.

Live and learn. I’ve already got my money’s worth out of my premium membership. Thanks again for all the advice.

Originally Posted by crignaj


Just wanted to say thanks for the AD site. I just sold 3 items from there, IT WORKS :) !

Originally Posted by Harrdworker


Hi, First of all, I think you guys are great, and this website is fantastic.

Originally Posted by WetHead


(Premium) Great idea for the service forum. As I am new to the laundry business (bought an old store 3 months ago) this board has been extremely helpful.


Originally Posted by mikekoh

   Hello everybody, just like to say grea

t site, I’ve been browsing the forums for the last couple of months am about to take over an existing mat. Thanks!

Originally Posted by RAM

   You should go to CLA seminar and local distributors seminar, listen and learn but DO NOT BELIEVE ANYTHING THEY SAY. Speak to local laundromat owner and to find out Truth to this business.

Originally Posted by phantom


I want to take the time to say thank you to all who helped me, and continue to help me. The advice i’ve recieved here was invaluable to me. Because of all the insight…

Originally Posted by runchman


I’m not sure I’d be in business without this site! Certainly my machines would be down much longer and at greater expense.

Originally posted by geo


This board is a great place to learn.

Originally Posted by anita2004

   Hi! What a wonderful site! I have certainly enjoyed reading and learning from all of the expert advice this forum has to offer.

Originally Posted by bobby jensen


Dear Jonathan,

Thank you for being so tenacious in solving the problem I experienced. I just took a quick look at the bulletin board and it seems like it will be very helpful in assisting in diagnosing and finding solutions to the myriad of mechanical breakdowns I envision. Also, there seems to be a high level of amaraderie shared among the members, which is encouraging. Jonathan, again, thank you and I look forward to working with you in the future.

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